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Conventional And Holistic Ways To Combat Hair Loss

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Here at CRŪ, our mission is "Beauty from the Inside Out". Root healing you could say. Innovation comes in all forms here; from holistic modalities to science based researched products - we like to say we dabble in a little bit of everything. We actively search for the best products, treatments and self care in order to bring you to your highest vibration. Our team stems from 12+ years in the hair and skincare industry and we are ready to give you our tips and tricks for those who want to see immediate results to those who need a more unique approach.

We understand that integration is key in today's world, piecing together the puzzle in order to get to the root cause of a symptom. Our bodies are so profound in the way they tell us something is wrong.

Hair loss?

beauty from the outside

Nano DryFix

We carry the full line of Nano Dry Fix - a product line that is a result from extensive scientific development and testing to make sure they live up to the high performance formulations that our customers love.

These products form a patch that helps to restore the cuticle to its flexible integrity. This will keep the integrity of your hair, causing less breakage and keeping those luscious locks strong and healthy. Under a microscope, you can instantly see the product healing the hair on contact!

*Available for retail and salon pricing exclusively through CRŪ Industries

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