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nano dryfix Hair repair treatment

We've all dreamed of hair products that meet our expectations! The time has come to understand that beautiful hair cannot be achieved without experience and the application of modern innovation.


DryFix Treatment Masque 8oz

The regular use of the Dry Fix Treatment Masque prevents breakage and helps make your beautiful hair grow healthier.


DryFix Leave in Treatment 4oz

Helps to mend spilt ends, leaving the hair repaired and feeling brand new. It will make your hair beautiful, shiny, and help make it grow longer without spilt ends.

Dryfix leave-in spray 4oz

Regular use can help prevent further breakage, enhancing growth of longer smoother and shinier hair. Formulated for finer and limp hair.




All Nano hair products are the result of extensive scientific development and testing to make sure they live up to the high performance formulations that our customers love. Each product is created by a specialized team of dedicated researchers based in Florida; it is here where we are constantly developing and researching unique technologies primarily for healthy hair care.

Interested in Retailer or Salon Pricing?

Please call or text 720.282.5442 to get more information and receive our price list for retailers. 

Retailer Pricing
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