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Call 720.282.5442 to create your account and add a card on file for easier processing. Please have your COS # or active student ID ready.

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Use this number to place orders at any time. Customer care will process your order M-F from 8am to 6pm.

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Text or call the number with the method, length, color, date needed by, and delivery address. Overnight and same-day delivery options available*

*varies by method and subject to availability



Alinea Extensions come in 25+ hand blended shades for seamless dimension and color matching. Actual colors may vary due to hand-blended manufacturing. Please reach out if you'd like a member of our sales team to swing by or to order a swatch ring.
* Ask us about our new color melt swatches and new relaunched sew-in weft with 150g-170g ranging from 15"-23"!
Tape-Ins | Remy Sew-In Hair Bundles | 
Micro Ring I-Tips | Keratin U-Tips | Clip-Ins


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Marble Surface




Tape-in extensions always take so long. Why are these better?

Alinea’s tape-in extensions leave minimal residue in the hair. The weft stays intact with the tape, so there will not be tape left in the hair during removal. Plus, the bonds clean up quickly in one complete strip making the entire process much more efficient!


How long does a complete tape-in install take?

  • Initial install will take 45-60 minutes

  • Removal will take 20-30 minutes 

  • Rebonding will take 20 minutes

  • Reinstall will take 30-45 minutes


Do I need to be licensed to purchase hair?

Yes! Only licensed professionals can purchase hair directly from CRŪ. However, if you are a student with an active student ID or have other supporting documents, you will be able to purchase and use the hair.


Do you offer any first time specials?

We have a tape-in intro kit that includes a swatch ring, solvent, and a pack of double and single sided tape tabs! To stay in the know, please follow our instagram for promotions, launches and tips & tricks!


Can you stop by to show me a sample?

Yes! We strongly recommend seeing the swatch ring in person since colors may vary due to the hand-blended technique. You can schedule an appointment with one of our educators for a quick 15 minute meeting to show you product samples and answer questions. 


Is there a minimum order?



Do I need to be Alinea Certified to order or use the hair?

No! However, we do highly recommend one of our classes to best educate you on our new placement techniques, additional application methods, tips and tricks, and business coaching.



What sizes do you carry? 

You can check out the most current inventory and prices on our pricing sheet. Relaunch and new colors coming soon! !!


Are there any specific colors or sizes you do not carry?

OM4622 in 13” and #60 in 25”

(An alternative for #60 in 25” - we recommend a 21” #60 and layering it with a 25” 7119A - or for an ashier look, add the 25” 1302) 


How many pieces of hair come in a pack of hair?

  • Tape-Ins - 20 pieces - 10 complete sandwiches 

  • (you can get 20 complete when you use single sided tape - also available for purchase)

  • Keratin and Micro Ring - 50 pieces from 0.7-.09g each

  • Remy Sew-In Hair Bundle - 100g but changing! New launch/volume coming soon


What type of hair is Alinea?

100% remy human hair, with the cuticle intact.


What is the highest temperature of heat that can be used on the hair?

250 F is recommended, always use a heat protectant!


Where is the hair sourced from?

Ethically and responsibly sourced all over Asia.


What is used to treat and color the hair?

Keratin treatment and organic hair dyes.


How many adjustments can you get from a pack of tape-ins?

About 3 adjustments (6-8 weeks between adjustments) depending on how the hair is cared for and what products are being used. (up to 6 months+) We have found that clients who use purely Oribe will get many more uses out of the hair.


How long does a sew-in hair bundle last?

Dark hair on average will last up to a year if properly cared for. Blonde hair usually lasts 3-4 uses (half a year depending on care)


What is the material binding the I-tip?

I-Tip Micro Ring extensions are made of a special silicone glue. It is not recommended for them to be cut, or to use any chemical of any kind at the bond. Using any chemicals at the bond will void the warranty. 


What is the width of the 100g machine weft hair bundle? 


  • 15” volume hair - 66” wide

  • 17” volume hair - 62” wide

  • 21” volume hair - 52” wide

  • 18/20 classic - 70” wide


*Please note that the volume from our line is what makes the difference (no need for a super long width weft)


What is the weight of a single pack of tape-ins?

*please note Alinea does not sell tape-ins by the grams

  • 13” has around 40 grams a pack (20 pieces)

  • 17” has around 50 grams a pack (20 pieces)

  • 21” has around 56 grams a pack (20 pieces)




What are your delivery rates for tape-ins?

For Denver metro. Hand delivered within 3-6 business days

  • In Studio Pick Up Available with no charge!

  • $5 Standard Delivery 

  • $10 Next Day Delivery

  • $25 Same Day Delivery (3-12hrs in advance)

  • $40 Same Day 2-Hour Rush Delivery


Outside Denver Metro/Out of State

Prices will vary based on weight. Please allow 2-5 business days to process and be delivered. 


Delivery Rates on Special Orders

Prices will vary based on weight, when the order was placed, and how soon you need it by. (On average, $20 - $40)


Alinea is located on the east coast, orders placed after 1pm on Wednesdays won’t be processed and picked up until Thursday afternoon. Two day shipping will be delivered on Mondays.


* COVID is affecting delivery times/rates. Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to process and be delivered. Rush order is available at a higher rate.


Special Order Methods and Products (delivered directly to you) 

  • Tape-In Extensions in 25”

  • U-tip keratin bond

  • I-tip

  • Machine weft hair bundles 

  • Clip-ins

  • Cylinders (no silicone lining), blonde, black and brown

  • Keratin bond, clear, black and brown




I have an issue with my hair. What do I do?

First contact CRŪ to troubleshoot. If it can not be resolved, we will reach out to Alinea and process the hair under their warranty. All purchases made through CRŪ are final. 


Can I color the hair?

If you are going to color, you risk the integrity of the hair. We recommend doing a test on a small piece of the hair so that the desired results are achieved while maintaining the integrity of the hair. We recommend either Redkin shades EQ processing solution or Wella 1.9%.


Please be sure to review Alinea’s Warranty before your purchase


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